Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crappy Drawings I do

One way I have fun is drawing. I wouldn't say I'm good by a long shot but it is fun. Sometimes when I'm bored on facebook I'll post a status update along the lines of "First 5 to comment get a drawing". I'll typically look at their profile and draw them or just draw whatever I feel like is relevant (or not pfft IDGAF)

Important thing is I do it because it's fun for me. I don't particularly care if people think it's good or awful or what.

So, give it a shot. Grab a writey, drawy thing, grab some paper, and crap something out. Here are some examples of mine.


  1. as long as you're having fun, why not?

    I think you have some talent though. I'm a terrible artist unless I get to use photoshop

  2. Beano-Thank you :)

    Electric-My thoughts exactly. I feel like people get too wrapped up in peer approval and can end up living these safe but extremely boring lives, afraid to do or be anything.

    Thanks for the compliment. Your blog is pretty awesome you're finding some really good stuff.

  3. thanks! :)

    I think I'm a victim of what you call a "safe but extremely boring life" myself and I am trying to work on that. Keep up the art! These are pretty funny too

  4. First one and wolverine are the best ones by far.