Friday, July 29, 2011

Playing Card Gift Boxes Part 2

*First and foremost I wanted to say how happy I am that everyone has enjoyed my drawings as much as they have. You all give me all these different unique windows into your world and I get a huge kick out of it. I really like the idea of having something to give back to the community. I feel like you deserve it. I'll definitely make a point to do this again sometime. Probably in the next week or two. *

Anyway, this is a follow up to my playing card gift box tutorial. In part one I covered the basic cube box. In part 2 we'll go over how to construct a double wide box with a handle in the lid. This article assumes you have already read part 1 and are familiar with the concepts taught in it.

To start with a double wide box you'll need to make 10 walls total. Once you've made 10 walls total take three walls and join them with 2 connectors as shown.

Repeat so you have two sets of 3 walls joined. These will make up the front back and sides of your box.

Next you're going to take a wall and stick 3 connectors in it as shown. Repeat. These will make up the bottom of your box.

Match up the connectors and insert them into your sets of 3 walls.

You should end up with two halves that look something like this.

Insert three connectors into one of these halves as shown. It is not necessary to fold these particular connectors but you can if you'd like.

Insert these connectors into your other half as shown and push the halves together...

You'll have something like this going on now.

Next to make the lid take one wall and insert a connector halfway in. Again this one need not be folded. In this case I have the back of the connector facing toward the bottom which. This will make sense in a moment. Let's move on to the handle.

Take a card and fold in half length in on it's face.

Then fold the outside halves the opposite way toward the center of the card. You'll have a card folded into 4 equal parts that looks like a W when you pull it apart.

Next you take these two edges at the bottom of this 'W' and fold them face inward toward the center. Hopefully my drawing on the card here helps.

Your card should look like this now.

This is your handle and it is going to go on top of the connector as shown. Insert these connectors into the other wall to have your lid.

This is your lid!

All you have to do now is insert two connectors into your lid then insert those into your box. Or insert the connectors into your box then into your lid. Do whatever. Freestyle that hoe.

They go in like so.

...and bang. Finished product. In all of it's glory.

Using the principles in part 1 and 2 you can go nuts creating all kinds of boxes. I've never gone beyond a double wide myself but I've seen some big, crazy looking ones. I will do a part three in the future covering handles for single wide boxes and lips to allow the box to shut more securely. Anyone kind of try this project out and post pictures let me know and I'll give you a shout out. Also, stay tuned next week for another chance to get a drawing done.

As always I try to make these directions as clear as I can but if you are having trouble with something feel free to let me know.


  1. I can how this could be confusing, but I understood just about everything. It's simple once you've read the first one.

  2. Thats a cool idea. Too bad i suck in this kind of stuff. Maybe i can force my brother to make one for me hahaha

  3. I'll try it with my VERY OLD Pokemon cards. Haha.

  4. D4-Awesome. I'm trying to be super thorough. I know when I try to learn something I want all the ins and outs and angles and whats its.

    GM-I don't think you have to be good or even decent at something to enjoy it. I think children are the perfect example. If you ever see a public concert like a bands in the park thing you'll invariably find some little kids "dancing" to the music. They don't care if they are good. They doesn't care about what you think. They are just in the moment, enjoying what they are doing. I think that's one of the most beautiful things in life and I want us to hold on to that.

    Sorry, kind of went on a rant there. This particular project just might not seem like your thing. If that's the case, no worries. I'd just hate to see anyone miss out on some fun just because they think they won't do good enough.

    Genetics-YES! I'd love to see that!

  5. No kidding, Genetics! Get on that, asap!

    -C.C.I. xxx

  6. wow, dude, these are amazing. Did you figure out how to make them yourself?

  7. Wow, this is awesome. I love the idea Genetics had for using Pokemon cards to do this too!

  8. haha yea use pokemon cards!! great write up :)

  9. Hom-I learned how to make the basic single wide box construction in a video I found on youtube a while back. After that I was figuring stuff out myself. Like the handle design thing I came up with on my own but I wouldn't be surprised if other people have as well. I'll make a part 3 and get into more variations as well.

    SLG-Yeah I'm stoked to see what he comes up with.

    Electric-Thanks mang :)