Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And the the winners are...

Yay here are the results from my contest yesterday. I had a lot of fun with these so I did a lot more than 5.

I'll do this in order of entry.

First up we got GM Soccer Picks. I like the design of his blog and it's all about soccer so I tried at some kind of team shield for this drawing.

Next was Raegan at Her Curious Elegance. I actually know this lady irl and she is pretty awesome so this was one of those rare instances in which I actually care how the drawing came out. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out but I have a hard time drawing ladies. She likes MLP and I probably would have just done another one of those but I didn't actually see any on her blog. :Shrug: Sorry Raegan.

Round 2 with D4 at D4 and Music. Thought I'd do something a little different and go jumbo. Multi post its what what?!

SamArmy was next at How What When Why in the Whosit?. The only thing I could really come up with was this cute comic he has on his blog. I'm often accused of being a crazy cat lady. (Which is weird because I'm a guy) But to that I say "Whatever, cats are awesome.". I think this may be the only post it note drawing of the lot that wasn't diagonal.

We got another one for mr. Electric Addict. I probably drew half of these pictures to one of his playlists. I kind of went nuts on his last drawing so I thought I'd real this one in a little bit with a simple alt pikachu. I can't remember if pikachu have stripes on their back or if that was raichu or both. Eh...I mean, it's alternative so I meant for it to look this way. Yup.

I had a lot of fun with this one for ! Sore Losers Gaming !. I thought I'd just go with the title and draw a guy raging at his game.

Next we have My Day In A Sentence. I had a hard time with this one honestly. So I just did something. It doesn't make sense. Whatever. On My Day's profile the about me says: One sentence is all I need. So I ran with that. Plus a cactus?

Bullet Proof Zombie is another one of those where I just ran with the name. I guess it's like a zombie in a super suit with a chainsaw hand and a flamethrower arm.

Clueless Dolphin requested something involving a mermaid having sex with some kind of chicken nugget guy but I had no idea what that meant. There was a post about hipster babies on the blog though so I took that plus a dolphin and did a thing.

Lone islander at Stuck In Paradise has one of the coolest avatars ever so I knew what I was going to do pretty much immediately. A panda with chainsaw arms?! Done.

Elliott Green at Daily Dose of Bliss was the last one I did. I like this blog but I couldn't really think of anything so I was forced to go random. See it's a mouse. And he has this jet pack. And he is in a tunnel. Idk.

That's all for this time around. Thanks everyone for participating. Hopefully you enjoy seeing these drawings as much as I enjoyed drawing them. If not then at least you didn't pay me for it right? I don't want to say I will do this every week because it's very time consuming but I'll try to at least do a once a month thing. That or maybe I'll do one drawing every week. Thoughts on that or anything else let me know. Until next time.


  1. Haha! I like it! I also really like the broken ear one, so cuuute!

  2. Just do them by surprise, when you feel like it. Keeps people on their toes!

    Favorites this time around are for Sore Losers Gaming and Loneislander. Badasssssss

  3. The 'Her Curious Elegance' post is righteous as well.

  4. Oh wow, those are great! Thanks a looooot!!

  5. Here, as promised :) Thanks again!


  6. haha awesome XD
    Lucky Electric Addict that he won for the second time :P

  7. Didn't think you were going to do me bro. Tis' awesome. Thanks!

  8. God-damn these are awesome. Haha. The one with the panda is amazing!

  9. Haha, some of those are just ridiculous but I like the third one

  10. RIDICULOUS AND CUTE!!!!!!!!! <3

  11. These are very cool. I especially like the ones done on an angle. Great work!

  12. omg her ear broke!! how do i fix it?

  13. my favorite is ! Sore Losers Gaming ! haha epic!

    thanks for doing another one for me. I did not expect another one =D

  14. I LOVE IT. Thanks, mate. These are awesome.

  15. Dude!
    You featured me!
    That's so awesome!

    Thank you thank you thank you! :)