Thursday, August 11, 2011

Challenge Edition Results Part 2

Alright just in case you missed it here is part 1 of the results.

Electric Addict: "draw some super hot car! i love sexy cars"

Sorry man I really have no idea how to draw cars or what makes a car cool or what :(
Michael Westside: "OK. Picture this. It's a hot summer day. You're on the beach, enjoying your ice cream, and looking at hot ladies and what not. And then, suddenly from nowhere you get teleported to the frigging desert. So you're like "wtf?" and try to take a lick from your melting ice cream. But what is this? The ice cream is gone! You look around and find that it has been stolen by a gecko that's now sitting on a stone, eating your ice cream and taunting you. I'd like a drawing of the moment you realize that you forgot your wallet in your other pants and got no idea how you bought the ice cream in the first place." 

ElliotGreen: "you should draw a picture of a duck!"

Arrpii: "Do a "crappy" version of "Drawing Hands" by M. C. Escher"

Inverse: "Draw an airport landing on a plane :|"

That's everything for now folks. Thanks to everyone for participating! I had fun with all of these and I'd like for you to enjoy them as well. I'll do this again sometime as well as other things. This drawing stuff seems to be getting the most interest and I haven't really thought of anything crafty lately so yeah. I did make really awesome cinnamon toast today but you can get the recipe anywhere. Kind of rambling now...Alrighty yeah. Thanks for reading. You guys have awesome blogs keep up the good work! 


  1. Awesome! That's how I pictured my suggestion :D
    Also, the sexy car is hilarious!

  2. hahahahaha the duck is an insta classic.

  3. That plane needs a speech-bubble: "Oh shiiiiiii-"

  4. Gecko icecream idea classic. Hot car is.. funny. So is airport landing on airplane. I smiled today! XD

  5. That duck thing is so cute!! :D

  6. haha my duck looks great! That was totally fun watching what you drew for others!

  7. Haha you captured it perfectly. Kudos to you good sir.

  8. Awesome you made all of them! :D

  9. I'm pretty sure the sexy car wins. :)

  10. Yo, just found this blog from day in a sentence. This place is jokes, sorry for the technical term.

    Followed profusely.

  11. Inverse-Sweet yeah it kind of just popped into my head that way when I read your description.

    GM-I think I was going for that duck like in the duck song video.

    SLG-I don't know why I didn't actually. Weird. I was really sleep deprived when I did some of these.

    D4-Glad to be of service sir :)

    Genetics-Thank you. I was hoping you'd drop a suggestion. Next time hopefully.

    Elliot-Thanks for playing man.

    My Day-Thank you. Appreciate the shout out btw :)

    Michael-Sweet. That's a pretty realistic reaction for me.

    Electric-Thanks man. I wish I could have done something closer to what I'd imagine you were looking for but I really have no idea on cars and stuff.

    Arrpii-Yeah the turn around time was a few days but I managed to get everyone covered. You should try something like this you actually seem to draw well and have that uhh...talent thing.

    Timothy-Was it the car boobs?

    Noway-I think that's a compliment since you are following me so...thanks :D