Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Challenge Edition Results Part 1

I think I'll break it down like this. I'll have the person's blog, their idea, and the drawing. Thanks for all the ideas guys. Some are okay, some aren't. Some ideas I took a few stabs at just for kicks because I wasn't really happy with how one or the other turned out or I was just having fun. Also, I'm out of drawing paper so I had to use an old spiral notebook I found so...sorry about that I guess. We'll do part 1 today and part 2 either later today or tomorrow. Depending how ambitious I feel. 

GMSoccerPicks: I think you should be a guest drawer for my Dino Neymar comic and it should be feature in both blogs. Take a look, i would love a collaboration from you, perhaps a redraw for Dino Neymar or a new character. Look

my day in a sentence: 

This might sound weird. But, anyways.
I'd love you to do a drawing of one Freddie Mercury, the late Queen frontman. And the duke of epicness. ;)

I believe your rendition of this rock god could be really cool. :D


A cigarette smoking a human, flicking the "ash" into an ashtray sized couch.

Draw Zooey Deschanel on top of the statue of liberty. Pweeeze!

Sure, I'll bite, A dragon crawling through an eyesocket.

I'll leave it at that for now. I think I managed to draw for everyone that's made a suggestion so be on the look out for part 2! Sorry if the layout is weird. This post editing thing is so wonky sometimes. 


  1. Haha! The last one with superbad is awesome!

  2. Nice job with the Neymar comic, I was amused. I'm also quite fond of my cigarette. I noticed the human butts. Classy. :D

  3. HAHAHAAH thaaaaankssss thats AWESOME. Time to get you featured again. I loved it and all Dino Neymar fans will love it too. Tomorrow i will feature this in my blog again :)

  4. great work on all of them :D
    the cigarette one is amazing!

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  6. nice epic neymar drawings!!

    don't piss of a fire breathing dinosaur haha

  7. Those are fantastic.

    It is now time to draw a Snake-raptor.
    I know that you can do this.
    Or perhaps just a Shiny Haunter instead.

  8. Actually laughed at the cigarette one. Good job

  9. You are the first one to appear in my Guest Writer (or drawer) section. Congrats!

  10. Oh, I love my Freddie! I'll have to feature you again really soon! :)