Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am gainfully employed

So yeah in case you haven't noticed I've kind of sucked at blogger lately.
I'm sorry.
I just recently got this job as an assistant manager of an arcade.
The good news is soon I'll be able to do all those fun things I enjoy again like eating.
The bad news is I have considerably less free time so I'll probably continue to suck at blogger.
Anyway, fun part.
Throw an idea or request at me and I'll do my best to draw it. First 5, absolutely. First 10, probably so.
I can't say for sure when I'll have them done right now but it'll be a fun surprise when you do see it yeah?
1 2 3 go.


  1. good for you man!

  2. How about drawing what it's like on your new job.
    It'll help us better understand your plight ;)

  3. Eating... i remember that. Used to be fun stuff

  4. Draw a bad-ass moon riding on a sweet motorcycle.

  5. Batman smashing a bat sandwich with a bat.

    Also, congrats to you, eating really IS fun!

  6. Recently applied for a job as well, lucky ass!

  7. Please please a raccoon fighting to death with a turtle. American gladiators style if possible hahahaha

  8. Drunken Panda with Macho Man Randy Savage in the Middle of the Rapture. GO!

    I posted that to one of my other friends a while ago but he never delivered sadly.
    And also gratz on the job.

  9. Whoo, I made it into the top 10.

    Uhm, bring a wireless laptop to work, and blog your azz of while getting paid.


  10. Congrats on the job! Sounds fancy.
    Draw yourself as the rich pimp You've become now that you got a job.

  11. Dude, congrats on a new job! To be honest, it kinda sounds like a dead end job. But, hey, it puts food on the table! :)

  12. Congratulations.
    Draw your favourite arcade machine, if you're not already sick of seeing them.

  13. give us updates with the new job ! nice blog following!

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